All articles and interviews on this page were written by Annette Fix


These are some of the articles I’ve written about various writing and publishing topics. Click on the screenshot images to access the original articles.


Everything you need to know to self-edit your manuscript.


DIY information to help authors create and promote their books with a book trailer.

Creative ideas for writers and authors to build a professional and entertaining website.

Everything you need to know about how to write a nonfiction book proposal,
explained step-by-step.

How and who to approach to get online book reviews.


How do you pitch your story to an agent? This article outlines the best way to
target and approach agents at a writer’s conference.



Memoir, what is it and how do you write it?


Confused by all the publishing options out there?
Traditional publishing? Subsidy Publishing?
Self-Publishing? Independent Publishing?
This guide covers the pros and cons.



These are some of the interviews I’ve done with authors and publishing industry professionals. Click on the screenshot images to access the original interviews.

Deb Ng, founder of, shares her inspiring story of how her blog went from start to sold.

Julia Cameron, creativity guru and author of The Artist’s Way, takes you out to lunch and gives you a peek into her Creative Life.


Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, offers tips for how you can find more happiness in your life.

Kyle Zimmer, founder of First Book, shares the story of her mission for promoting children’s literacy.

Judith Barrington, author of Writing the Memoir, shares her insight about the craft.


Hillary Carlip, author of Ala Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers, talks about how she discovered humor in found grocery lists.

Actress and comedianne Lori Alan shares her improv, voice-over, and comedy writing secrets.

Kelly L. Stone, author of Time to Write, talks about how to make writing a priority in your life.


Wendy Kamenoff, producer of Tasty Words, takes you backstage and into the world of spoken-word salons.


Kelly Love Johnson, author of skirt! Rules for the Workplace, shows you how to break the glass ceiling and find success at work.


Literary Agent Wendy Sherman talks trends and tells you what she
seeks in a debut writer.


Ann Kent, founder of Book Group Expo, creates an event for readers, writers,
and book lovers to celebrate the written word.


Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, author of Pen on Fire, shares her writing tips to keep your pen moving.


Peri Poloni-Gabriel, Vicky Vaughn, and Brenda Hill share the details of how to work with a cover designer, interior layout designer, and editor.

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